To give you a better idea of the type of show you might expect from us we have created this repertoire list with a short description of the songs.  Also check out our YouTube channel to see the experience.

Troupe Pieces

Ancient Ruins - veil piece choreographed by the troupe

Ay Ay Ay It's Christmas - skirt piece choreographed by Adira

A peppy Christmas dance to the music of Ricky Martin.  The flamenco influence comes through in this skirt routine that will surely get you in the holiday spirit!

Bu Yil Bekar Kalalim - choreographed by Adira

A song from the Rom peoples of the Sulukule district in Istanbul.  This lively dance is perfect for those times when you feel like gypsy.

Deck the Halls - choreographed by Anala Rabari

This lively carol features traditional Middle Eastern instruments and rhythms that inspire a story of dueling dancers to see which group can deck the halls the best.

Marco Polo - choreographed by Anala Rabari

This sultry piece features an authentic sufi melody at the beginning & middle. 

Put a Lid on It - Choreographed by the troupe

This jazzy piece plays homage to the vaudeville era of bellydance.

Shaken Not Stirred - choreographed by Najila and Adira 

The best of traditional cabaret style dancing.  The first half features veil work and the second half kicks in with a fast paced drum solo.

Sisters - choreographed by Anala Rabari

This fusion piece celebrates the power of sisterhood to a well known song.

Souk Elgamal - choreographed by Adira

Adira calls this piece The Golden Lotus, because she was inspired by the Lotus blossom.  Dancers imitate the opening of the flower in the morning and closing in the evening.  The choreography features Persian and Indian-influenced movements and highlights the texture of rhythms in the music. 

Tabla Plus - choreographed by the troupe

A traditional drum solo that will make you want to shimmy too.

Yo Ho Ho - skirt piece choreographed by Adira

Adira created a fun gypsy-style skirt dance to everyone's favorite pirate song written by Robert Lewis Stephenson.  Feel free to sing along!

Solo Pieces

Carol of the Bells - veil piece by Adira

Adira gives a mesmerizing performances to a modern ethereal rendition of the popular French Christmas carol.  On a contemplative note this dance is a structured-improvisation piece.

Dance of Samara - Anala Rabari

A lively song featuring the dumbek in cabaret Egyptian style drumming.

Ela Mia Nichta - Anala Rabari

These Greek lyrics roughly translate as the story of a young girl asking her love to come by one night and go on a journey "kiss to kiss, hand to hand until the ends of the earth and even further".  Anala brings this tale to life with some very flirtatious skirtwork.

Rakiya's Tabla - Adira

Adira fuses high-energy Middle Eastern styles into a short and sassy solo.

Rompi Rompi - Adira

Adira performs a gypsy skirt dance to this traditional Turkish party song.  The piece features the step-step-hop Karshilama step as well as the typical pattern of repeating a step three times and finishing with a contrasting forth step.  Karshilama is counted in 9/8 time and is a frequently used rhythm in Turkish music.

Sikidim - Adira

Adira highlights the influence that Indian and Spanish dance has made in the evolution of belly dance.  She combines ancient movements with the latest rage in Turkish pop music, Tarkan, for an energetic interpretation of the Turkish word "sikidim," which means "shake."

Silent Night - veil piece by Anala Rabari

This song offers a unique arrangement of the famous carol played on traditional Middle Eastern instruments and embellished with traditional Middle Eastern rhythms.  

Take Me to Love - veil piece by Anala Rabari

Anala's graceful movements depict the young woman's yearning to find someone to take her to love, "another world where she longs to be," in this song from the soundtrack of the movie Bride and Prejudice.